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Where To Buy Ihram In Dubai & More

Embarking on the transformative journey of Umrah starts with the sacred act of donning Ihram. Ihram symbolizes a state of purity, humility, and devotion, making it an integral part of the pilgrimage experience. 

This simple, unsewn white attire signifies equality and unity among all pilgrims, transcending cultural and social boundaries.

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By wearing Ihram, you declare your spiritual intention to fulfill the rites of Umrah and immerse yourself in this profound journey of self-discovery.

How To Do Ihram: Rituals and Precautions

Ihram clothing symbolizes purity and restriction during Umrah and Hajj.

Ihram signifies entering a state of sacredness and self-imposed prohibitions for spiritual growth. It’s the initial essential step for the pilgrimage, with many restrictions.

Ihram Rituals:

  • Ghusl (Ablution):

Perform a complete body wash with clean water.

A necessary act to purify oneself before entering the Ihram.

  • Fragrance Application:

Apply fragrance (Itar) after Ghusl.

Enhances personal hygiene and spiritual readiness.

  • Nail Trimming:

Trim nails to maintain cleanliness and neatness.

Part of the preparation for entering Ihram.

  • Ghusl in Ihram:

Ghusl is a comprehensive cleansing practice in Islam, vital for purity.

Required after significant ritual impurity or on specific occasions.

 If in a state of junub (impure), one cannot engage in various acts including prayer, pilgrimage, and touching the Qur’an. 

Ghusl can be performed while in Ihram for cleanliness, aligned with the Prophet’s example. Exchanging Ihram clothes for cleaner ones and enjoying modern comforts is permissible.

  • Niyat (Intention) for Ihram Umrah:

Niyyah signifies the intention to perform an act for Allah’s sake.

It’s a prerequisite for any worshipful deed, distinguishing it from daily activities. The intention influences the outcome and rewards of the act.  

The Prophet emphasized the significance of intentions in deeds. During Umrah, the Niyat dua holds great importance, shaping the pilgrimage’s spiritual journey.

Ihram Clothing: Style and Fabric

Ihram clothing style and fabric – world trip deal

The simplicity of Ihram’s clothing reflects the essence of humility and unity. For men, it consists of two unsewn white pieces that encapsulate the spirit of purity. 

The fabric plays a crucial role in the arid climate of Mecca – lightweight and breathable, it keeps you comfortable during the spiritual journey. 

Ladies donning Ihram adhere to a similar spirit of simplicity, often wearing loose-fitting, white attire that maintains the sense of modesty that is central to the pilgrimage experience.

Ihram Belt: Function and Significance

The Ihram belt, a practical accessory that holds your attire in place, exemplifies the meticulous preparation required for Umrah. 

It secures the sheets, allowing you to move freely during the pilgrimage rituals. 

Beyond its functional purpose, the Ihram belt symbolizes the importance of discipline and focus during this spiritual endeavor. 

Consider selecting a belt that fits comfortably and complements your Ihram attire, enhancing both your experience and appearance.

Where To Buy Ihram in Dubai: Options and Considerations

Where to buy ihram in dubai options and considerations – world trip deal

In the heart of Dubai, a city known for its dynamic blend of tradition and modernity, finding the perfect Ihram is a breeze. Here are 5 options to consider:

Union Coop: Feel the quality of Ihram cloths at Union Coop, where convenience meets spirituality. Embrace your pilgrimage with their wide range of comfortable options, Union coop offers a truly seamless experience. 

Meena Bazar Stores: Elevate your Umrah experience with Meena Bazar Stores. Their collection of Ihram cloths combines simplicity and elegance, providing pilgrims with attire that enhances both comfort and devotion.

DeenSquare Online Shop: DeenSquare brings Ihram shopping to your fingertips. Browse their online store for a diverse selection of high-quality clothes, allowing you to prepare for your spiritual journey with ease and confidence.

Al Ghawas Tailor: For a personalized touch, turn to Al Ghawas Tailor. Tailoring Ihram clothes to perfection, they ensure a fit that matches your preferences, letting you focus solely on the significance of your Umrah.

Al Nashama Boutique: Al Nashama Boutique understands the sacredness of the pilgrimage. Their carefully curated Ihram collection reflects comfort and reverence, letting you embark on your spiritual expedition in attire that resonates with your devotion.

How To Wear Ihram: Putting It On Properly

1. Wrap the Izar:

  • The izar covers from the waist down to your feet.
  • Securely tie it around your waist, ensuring modesty and ease of movement.

2. Drape the Rida:

  • The Rida covers your upper body.
  • Place it over your left shoulder, keeping it in place throughout your journey.

3. Be Minimalistic:

  • Avoid wearing extra layers like underwear, socks, or additional clothing.
  • Let simplicity be your guide, focusing on the traditional attire.

4. Uncovered Head:

  • Keep your head uncovered during Umrah.
  • Embrace a sense of humility and unity.

5. Footwear Matters:

  • Opt for open footwear, allowing your ankles and toes to be visible.
  • Comfortable and simple sandals are ideal for this purpose.

Prepare for your meaningful Umrah experience by dressing in the traditional attire – comfortable and modest. 

Remember, it’s not just about the clothes, but the intention and devotion that truly matter.

Ihram for Women: Guidelines and Dress Code

Ihram for women guidelines and dress code – world trip deal

For women, Ihram holds its unique guidelines. The emphasis remains on simplicity and modesty, allowing you to concentrate on the spiritual essence of the pilgrimage. 

1. Dress Comfortably and Modestly:

  • Women should opt for light-colored clothing for comfort.
  • The preferred attire ensures modesty and ease during the pilgrimage.

2. Choosing the Right Ihram:

  • The Ihram should be thick and plain, concealing the body during prayer.
  • If wearing a white Abaya, underclothing should also be white to prevent visibility.

3. Color Choices: White and Black:

  • White Abayas are common, promoting equality before Allah.
  • White garments aid in staying cool during prayers in the sun.
  • Black clothing is an alternative, providing flexibility in choice.

4. Embrace the Hijab:

Final blogs frame 2023 222222 copy 2 2 – world trip deal
  • Wearing a Hijab is advised for comprehensive coverage.
  • It symbolizes respect and protection in the presence of men.

5. Completing the Journey with Taqsir:

  • After Umrah, women perform Taqsir, cutting an inch of their hair.
  • This ritual signifies the completion of the pilgrimage.

Experience Umrah with grace and devotion by adhering to these clothing guidelines and rituals. Let the journey reflect your spiritual connection and reverence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can We Take a Bath After Wearing Ihram?

After donning Ihram, it’s natural to wonder about personal hygiene. The good news is that you’re permitted to perform wudu (ablution) whenever needed. However, a full bath (ghusl) is generally avoided unless specific conditions arise, such as experiencing a major impurity or completing the Umrah rites. This balance between cleanliness and spiritual observance underscores the holistic nature of the pilgrimage.

Can You Sleep in Ihram? Clarifying the Rule

As you embark on this sacred journey, you’ll find that wearing Ihram doesn’t cease even when you rest your eyes. Sleeping in Ihram is permissible and maintaining this state during sleep is a part of your commitment to the pilgrimage. Embrace the simplicity and continuity of Ihram even as you seek rest, knowing that every moment of this journey contributes to your spiritual growth.

Can You Wear Sunglasses in Ihram?

While the focus of Ihram is on simplicity and minimalism, practical considerations are also important. 

Wearing sunglasses to shield your eyes from the intense sun is acceptable, especially in the scorching desert climate of Mecca.

Keep in mind that your intention should remain steadfast on your pilgrimage, and your actions should align with the spirit of reverence that Ihram represents.


Preparing for your Umrah journey involves embracing the sacred state of Ihram. From understanding its spiritual significance to selecting the right attire and accessories, every aspect contributes to a meaningful pilgrimage experience.

Remember, World Trip Deal is here to guide you through each step of this transformative journey, ensuring that your Umrah is a blend of devotion, enlightenment, and unforgettable memories.

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