10 Must-Try Georgian Food That Will Blow Your Mind (With Images)

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Georgian Food: 10 Dishes You Need to Taste (With Mouthwatering Pictures!)

Before traveling to Georgia we prepared you thrilling list of the best Georgian foods for you to try. From cheese-filled khachapuri which is a hug on a plate, to juicy, herb-packed khinkali that will transport you straight to the streets of Tbilisi, get ready to unlock a treasure trove of flavors with this complete guide and maximize your Georgia tours experience. 

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Whether you’re a foodie on the hunt for the next crave-worthy bite or an adventurer eager to explore the Georgian food wonders, this mouthwatering guide is your passport to an unforgettable edible escapade!

10 Traditional Georgian Food: Where World Cuisines Collide 

Georgia’s location on the Silk Road has led to a diverse culinary scene. Western Georgian food is influenced by Turkish cuisine, while Eastern Georgian food is more influenced by Iran.

Regional differences in ingredients and dishes persist due to a focus on using fresh, local produce. Common ingredients in Georgian food include walnuts, Georgian cheeses, sour fruit leather, cherry plums, red chili paste, and a spice blend called Khmeli-suneli.

1 – Khinkali

Khinkali – world trip deal

Welcome to the world of Georgian food, where khinkali takes the stage beside its cheesy companion, khachapuri. A national gem, khinkali is a tantalizing delight that captures the very essence of Georgian flavors. Khinkali, also known as khinkali or xinkali, are dumplings with a doughy exterior enfolding a burst of savory broth. 

Traditionally filled with a delectable mix of pork, beef (or lamb), they also surprise with fillings like vegetables, cheese, or mushrooms. Imagine biting into a juicy masterpiece of spiced meat, embodying Georgia’s culinary heritage. Crafting these dumplings is an art: raw meat blends with dough, flavors bursting upon cooking, with subtle warmth from water or broth enhancing succulence. 

Distinct from Shanghai’s xiao long bao, khinkali is a boiled masterpiece with a heartier skin, meant to be savored differently. Hold it by the stem, sprinkle black pepper, and take a gentle top bite for piping-hot broth. Unlike xiao long bao, khinkali’s doughy stems are usually left.

2 – Ajika

Ajika – world trip deal

Introducing ajika (or adjika): a fiery Georgian-Abkhazian condiment that sparks up your taste buds! Crafted from red peppers, garlic, salt, and a medley of spices, this zesty delight brings a bold twist to your table. Fresh and lively, ajika can be relished as a dip or wielded as a flavor booster in Georgian food classics like grilled meats, fish, soups, veggies, and salads.

Traditionally, sun-dried red peppers form the base, although unripe peppers can create a vibrant green version. While Georgian ajika keeps its fiery essence with peppers, a milder take featuring tomatoes has become a hit in Russia and Ukraine. Whether you’re seeking an electrifying dip or aiming to amplify your culinary creations, Ajika’s versatile kick promises a burst of flavor that’s unmistakably Georgian!

3 – Khachapuri

Khachapuri – world trip deal

An adored gem of Georgian foods. Just like khinkali, it holds a cozy spot as comfort food and proudly wears the crown of Georgia’s national dish. Khachapuri, the star of the show, is a traditional delight of cheese-filled bread. A symphony of flavors, it comes in diverse shapes, usually featuring cheese at the core and an encircling crust to dip into that cheesy goodness. 

Beyond the signature khachapuri cheese, expect delightful surprises like eggs and more in the filling. This cherished cheese bread graces Georgian tables far and wide, from local eateries to bustling street corners. 

Various forms and flavors abound, but the Imeretian khachapuri takes the spotlight. Crafted with a yeast-kissed pastry and seasoned white Imeretian salted cheese, it’s the embodiment of comfort and tradition, celebrating Georgia’s culinary heritage with every mouthwatering bite.

4 – Kubdari

Kubdari 1 – world trip deal

A rustic bread brimming with a savory symphony. Hailing from Svaneti, Georgia’s highland haven, Kubdari showcases a delicious departure from the famed khachapuri, though it lacks the hallmark cheese. 

Picture this: robust chunks of beef, pork, goat, or lamb, mingling with onions, garlic, and a medley of spices like cumin, coriander, fenugreek, and dill. This flavorful concoction is tucked into dough and then baked to a glorious golden hue. Kubdari’s beauty lies in its simplicity, and the process doesn’t stop at baking. 

A luscious butter glaze adds a glistening touch before it’s served piping hot, the epitome of comfort and satisfaction. Originating from the rugged charms of Svaneti, Kubdari embarks on a flavorsome journey that pays homage to Georgian food diversity, offering a bite of tradition and warmth with each indulgent bite.

5 – Chakhokhbili

Chakhokhbili – world trip deal

Chakhokhbili is a robust stew boasting tender chicken, luscious tomatoes, and vibrant herbs. This one-pot wonder, an embodiment of simplicity and flavor, unites the essence of fresh ingredients in a comforting symphony. 

Crafted with a medley of fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, and an array of fragrant herbs and spices, Chakhokhbili transforms a whole chicken into a savory masterpiece. 

Once a tribute to the pheasant, the dish now graces tables with chicken, keeping the tradition alive in a modern twist. Named after the Georgian word for “pheasant,” Khokhobi, Chakhokhbili carries the legacy of its origin. 

Like a culinary canvas, it welcomes the finishing touch of chopped cilantro, culminating in a visual and gustatory delight. Served with hearty crusty bread or rice, this Georgian food dish promises a journey into Georgia’s flavorsome embrace.

6 – Mtsvadi

Mtsvadi – world trip deal

Meet the Georgian take on shish kebabs. These mouthwatering delights feature marinated meat cubes threaded onto skewers and expertly grilled over open flames, casting a tantalizing aroma that beckons. 

Pork, mutton, veal, and even beef embrace the marinade, a harmonious blend of onion, ajika, coriander seeds, bay leaves, pomegranate juice, salt, and spices. This flavorful fusion infuses the meat with a symphony of tastes. 

The magic unfolds as the marinated cubes meet the charcoal grill, transforming into charred and succulent morsels. Fragrant charm is added with dried vine clippings tossed onto the coals, enhancing the sensory journey. 

Across the Caucasus and Central Asia, skewered and grilled meat dishes weave a common thread. In Russia, it’s celebrated as shashlik. Mtsvadi stands as Georgia’s answer to this beloved tradition, igniting a fire of flavors that dance on your palate.

7 – Chicken Tabaka

Chicken tabaka 1 – world trip deal

A flavorful pan-fried delight that’s a sensation throughout the Caucasus. Named after the trusty tapa, the traditional frying pan that brings this Georgian food dish to life, it’s a symphony of taste and technique. Start with a whole chicken, expertly butterflied and pressed flat on the tapa, held down by a weight.

Simplicity shines as the chicken is lightly seasoned with salt and, perhaps, a touch of red chili powder. Sizzling in butter, it takes on a golden crispness on both sides, a harmonious fusion of textures. As it emerges from the tapa, chicken Tabaka, a classic Georgian food, is garnished to perfection.

Fresh cilantro, aromatic basil, and the crunch of sliced green or white onions dance alongside this culinary masterpiece. An ode to Georgia’s vibrant flavors, chicken tabaka embodies a tradition that’s pan-fried to perfection and served with love.

8- Khashlama

Khashlama – world trip deal

A Khashlama, a cherished dish that transcends borders and flavors. This slow-cooked gem, whether Armenian or Georgian in origin, weaves a tapestry of rich flavors that beckons across cultures. 

Elevate beef or lamb with the simplest of ingredients: onions, garlic, bay leaves, black peppercorns, and salt. Hours of gentle boiling fuse the elements into a tender, aromatic masterpiece. Hailing from the Kakheti region, khashlama finds its spotlight at supras, the heartwarming Georgian food feasts. 

While its roots spark debates, its appeal is undeniable. A taste of khashlama is a must in Georgia. Elevate the experience with a glass of fine Georgian wine, the perfect pairing for this journey into culinary satisfaction.

9 – Gozinaki

Gozinaki – world trip deal

A Georgian treasure that adds a touch of sweetness to festive tables. This traditional brittle captures the essence of caramelized nuts – walnuts, almonds, or hazelnuts – lovingly fried in honey. Picture the irresistible blend of textures: the crunch of nuts cocooned in a golden, honey-kissed embrace. 

Cut into elegant diamond shapes, gozinaki graces Georgian tables, especially during the joyous celebrations of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. A bite into gozinaki is a journey into Georgian food history, where the richness of nuts meets the sweetness of honey in a harmonious dance of flavors. With each delectable nibble, you’ll savor the festive spirit that makes gozinaki an irresistible treat.

10 – Ajapsandali 

Ajapsandali – world trip deal

A delightful vegetable dish that’s a true culinary masterpiece. This traditional creation weaves together an array of vegetables – eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, green peppers, and bell peppers – into a symphony of flavors.

Imagine the tender stewing of these vibrant vegetables, infused with a medley of seasonings: the warmth of garlic, the fragrant notes of dry coriander, the gentle kick of ground red pepper, the soothing touch of black pepper, and the essence of salt.

Ajapsandali finds its place on our Georgian food list, a testament to the heartwarming spirit of communal meals. Much like the famed ratatouille, this dish offers a taste of tradition and home. With its popularity extending into Armenia and parts of the North Caucasus, ajapsandali is a savory journey that celebrates the richness of regional cuisines.

As you gear up for your upcoming Georgia holidays, be sure to take a peek at our latest blog. It’s a treasure trove of insights on the best places to visit in Georgia, ensuring that your holiday is nothing short of extraordinary. Let us guide you towards the most memorable experiences and hidden gems that this beautiful country has to offer. 

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