Best Saudi Arabia Travel Guide: Must Know Before You Go (2024)

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The Complete Saudi Arabia Travel Guide: Best Places & Activities

Welcome to The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia aka KSA, a land of stunning beauty and ancient history. From the golden dunes of the Empty Quarter to the gleaming skyscrapers of Riyadh and Jeddah, this country is a unique blend of old and new, tradition and modernity. Whether you’re a history buff hoping to explore the ancient ruins of Mada’in Saleh or an adventure seeker looking to hike the majestic mountains of Asir, Saudi Arabia has something for everyone. 

Saudi arabia travel guide( riyadh & el-mamlakah tower)- saudi arabia - worldtripdeal

In this guide, we’ll help you unveil the beauty of Saudi Arabia and navigate your way through this fascinating country, providing you with insider tips and tricks to make the most of your journey. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Travel Guide: Top 6 Cities You Must Visit

Saudi Arabia is steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty. With destinations ranging from ancient cities to modern metropolises, visitors are sure to find something that piques their interest. Here are some of the top places to visit in Saudi Arabia:


Saudi arabia travel guide( medina masjed nabawy )- saudi arabia - worldtripdeal

The second-holiest city in Islam is a must-see destination for any traveler to Saudi Arabia. The city is home to the Prophet’s Mosque, the final resting place of the Prophet Muhammad, as well as other historical sites such as the Quba Mosque and the Al-Madina Museum.


Saudi arabia travel guide( alula  )- saudi arabia - worldtripdeal

A hidden gem located in the northwestern part of the country. The region is home to stunning landscapes such as the Hegra Archaeological Site and the Elephant Rock. Visitors can also experience the Old Town of Alula, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Saudi arabia travel guide( new jeddah corniche on the red sea  )- saudi arabia - worldtripdeal

Located on the Red Sea, is known for its beautiful beaches and rich history. The city’s historic district, Al-Balad, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is home to many historical landmarks such as the Jeddah Gate and the Nassif House.


Saudi arabia travel guide( mecca kaa'ba )- saudi arabia - worldtripdeal

The holiest city in Islam is the ultimate pilgrimage destination for millions of Muslims each year. The city is home to the Kaaba, the most sacred site in Islam, as well as other historical sites such as the Great Mosque of Mecca and the Mount of Mercy.


Saudi arabia travel guide( riyadh at night )- saudi arabia - worldtripdeal

The capital of Saudi Arabia is a bustling metropolis with a rich history and culture. Visitors can explore the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, the Murabba Palace, and the Masmak Fortress, among other attractions.


Saudi arabia travel guide( dammam )- saudi arabia - worldtripdeal

located in the Persian Gulf, is a modern city with a thriving economy. Visitors can explore the Corniche, the King Fahd Park, and the Dhahran International Exhibition Center.

In conclusion, Saudi Arabia is a fascinating destination that has something for everyone. From ancient ruins to stunning landscapes and bustling modern cities, Saudi Arabia offers a unique and unforgettable travel experience. Be sure to add these cities to your plan and get ready to discover the best things to do in KSA.

Planning Your Trip: The Best 6 Things to Do When Visiting Saudi Arabia

Saudi arabia travel guide( night scene for riyadh )- saudi arabia - worldtripdeal
  1. Discover ancient ruins in Alula: Alula is a hidden gem in the northwestern part of the country that is home to the Hegra Archaeological Site, an ancient city carved into the rocks.
  1. Experience the natural beauty of the Hijaz Mountains: The Hijaz Mountains offer stunning landscapes and hiking trails that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
  1. Visit the National Museum of Saudi Arabia: Located in Riyadh, the National Museum of Saudi Arabia showcases the history, culture, and traditions of Saudi Arabia.
  1. Explore the historic district of Al-Balad in Jeddah: This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to many historical landmarks and is a great place to experience the city’s rich history.
  1. Take a stroll along the Corniche in Dammam: The Corniche is a picturesque waterfront promenade that offers stunning views of the Persian Gulf.
  1. Experience modern Saudi Arabia in Riyadh: The capital city is home to many modern attractions such as the Kingdom Tower and the Al Danah Mall.

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FAQs You Can’t Ignore: Information You Need To Visit Saudi 

Is Saudi Arabia Tourist Friendly?

According to the Saudi Arabia Travel Guide, Yes! Saudi Arabia is now more tourist-friendly than ever before. Its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and friendly locals make it a must-visit destination. Plus, with the introduction of new visas and improved tourism infrastructure, it’s easier than ever to visit. 

Can Americans Travel to Saudi Arabia?

According to the Saudi Arabia Travel Guide, Yes! Americans can travel to Saudi Arabia as tourists for up to 90 days with the newly launched e-visa system. Some restrictions apply, so it’s best to check with the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate before planning your trip.

Facts About Saudi Arabia

According to the Saudi Arabia Travel Guide,

  • Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam and home to the two holiest sites in the Islamic world, Mecca and Medina.
  • The country has some of the world’s largest oil reserves and is the world’s largest exporter of oil.
  • In 2018, women were granted the right to drive in Saudi Arabia, marking a significant milestone in the country’s history.

Best Time To Visit Saudi Arabia?

According to the Saudi Arabia Travel Guide, you can Plan your visit to Saudi Arabia during the winter season (Nov to Feb) for cooler and more comfortable weather in the central and eastern regions. For western regions and the Red Sea coast, visit during the summer season (Jun to Aug) for milder temperatures. Keep in mind the holy month of Ramadan for some restrictions. 

In conclusion, visiting Saudi Arabia is an unforgettable experience that offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. From the towering skyscrapers of Riyadh to the ancient ruins of Madain Saleh, there is something for everyone.

With the introduction of new visas and improved tourism infrastructure, it’s now easier than ever to explore the rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and friendly locals that make Saudi Arabia a must-visit destination.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or adventure, KSA has something to offer. Plan your trip today and discover the beauty and hospitality of Saudi Arabia for yourself.

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