What’s New In Dubai? 10 New & Upcoming Tourist Attractions 

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Your Guide For What’s New In Dubai

Step into the enchanting realm of Dubai, where the future and tradition intertwine to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Calling all travel enthusiasts! Dubai’s latest treasures are waiting for you to explore. 

Picture awe-inspiring skyscrapers touching the sky and immersive cultural adventures that warm your heart. With 10 new attractions on the horizon, this desert paradise caters to every kind of traveler. Get ready for a ride filled with new innovations.

What's new in dubai - uae - worldtripdeal

List Of What’s New In Dubai

10- Sky View Tower Dubai Marina

10 sky view tower dubai marina – world trip deal

Sky-High Views: Ascend to the newest observation deck in Dubai at the Address Sky View Hotel. Marvel at the breathtaking cityscape from two expansive levels.

Glass Slide Excitement: Brace yourself for the Middle East’s inaugural glass slide experience. Slide down with an adrenaline rush as the city unfolds beneath you.

Edge Walk Adventure: Get your heart racing with the region’s first-of-its-kind Edge Walk. Take bold steps on the edge of the observation deck, a daring experience you won’t forget.

Don’t miss out on Dubai’s freshest attractions, combining awe-inspiring views and thrilling adventures for an unforgettable visit!

9- Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Dubai

Mohammed bin rashid library dubai – world trip deal

Vast Book Collections: Explore a bibliophile’s dream at Dubai’s latest library. Discover curated books on arts, media, culture, and more, catering to all interests.

Inspiring Exhibition Rooms: Engage with thought-provoking exhibitions within the library. Immerse yourself in diverse topics that ignite curiosity and spark discussions.

Islamic Lectern Design: Be captivated by the library’s design, inspired by an Islamic lectern. A blend of tradition and modernity creates a serene and inspiring atmosphere.

Expansive Space: With a sprawling 54,000 square meters spread over nine levels, this library offers endless exploration and learning opportunities.

Whether you’re a book enthusiast or simply seeking cultural enrichment, Dubai’s new library promises an enriching experience that goes beyond its impressive book collection.

8- Terra Solis 

Terra solis – world trip deal

Festival Magic: Step into Tomorrowland’s world at Terra Solis, the freshest Dubai attraction. Immerse in 371,000 sqm of festival vibes and enchantment.

Luxurious Glamping: Experience luxury in the wild with 48 lavish tents, 20 lodges, and 6 poolside cabins, all named after core constellations.

Culinary Delights: Indulge your taste buds at Sala and MESA, on-site restaurants serving delectable dishes. Try the Tomorrowland-inspired sharing platter for a global cuisine journey.

From festival thrills to upscale glamping and gourmet feasts, Terra Solis offers a unique fusion of entertainment and luxury, making it an unmissable gem on Dubai’s attractions map.

7- Hills Mall Dubai

Hills mall dubai 1 – world trip deal

Retail Haven: Dubai Hills Mall joins the city’s top-tier malls with 500+ outlets, curating the pinnacle of shopping, dining, and entertainment choices.

Thrill Seeker’s Delight: Adventure awaits at the Storm, the mall’s star attraction. Brace yourself for a ride on the world’s fastest vertical launch rollercoaster.

From retail therapy to heart-pounding adventures, Dubai Hills Mall emerges as the newest haven for shopping enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. Get ready to be captivated by a blend of luxury, excitement, and boundless entertainment options.

6- Hatta Wadi Hub

Hatta wadi hub – world trip deal

Natural Getaway: Escape to Hatta Wadi Hub, a nature retreat near Dubai. Unwind and engage in a range of exhilarating activities amidst breathtaking landscapes.

Thrilling Variety: From archery and horseback riding to tube sliding, ziplining, zorbing, and paragliding, the hub offers a diverse array of exciting experiences.

Accessible Escape: A mere 90-minute drive from the city center, Hatta Wadi Hub welcomes you to a world of adventure and relaxation.

For those seeking an easily accessible natural haven packed with heart-pounding fun, Hatta Wadi Hub beckons with a bouquet of thrilling activities. 

5- Ain Dubai 

Ain dubai – world trip deal

Giant Observation Wheel: Experience the world’s tallest observation wheel, Ain Dubai, soaring over 250 meters high. Venture into its 48 capsules, accommodating up to 1,400 visitors.

Spectacular Views: From the top, embrace stunning vistas of iconic landmarks like Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis Hotel, and Burj Khalifa, along with Dubai’s captivating cityscape.

Waterfront Wonder: Set against the backdrop of Bluewaters Island, Ain Dubai stands tall in Dubai’s enchanting waterfront district, adjacent to Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Elevate your Dubai experience with a ride on Ain Dubai, where breathtaking views and an unmatched adventure await amidst the city’s dazzling skyline and azure waters.

4- Crystal Dubai Lagoon

Crystal dubai lagoon – world trip deal

Majestic Lagoon: Dubai’s creating a 40-hectare artificial lagoon at Dh 25.7 billion investment, set in the heart of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City.

Luxury Enclave: The lagoon will be embraced by an upscale residential zone, highlighting the stunning Crystal Lagoon, reminiscent of opulence and leisure.

Idyllic Beachfront: A 237-meter-long pristine sandy beach will accompany the expansive lagoon, offering a serene escape with the azure waters as your backdrop.

Dubai’s audacious venture into creating the world’s largest artificial lagoon opens doors to a lifestyle of grandeur and relaxation.

3- Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai creek tower – world trip deal

Harbor Gem: Dubai Creek Tower stands as a centerpiece in Dubai Creek Harbour, more than just an architectural feat.

Record-Breaker: Upon completion, it’ll surpass Burj Khalifa, becoming the world’s tallest building, cementing its position as a 21st-century icon.

Observation Oasis: With 10 observation decks nestled within its bud-like structure, Dubai Creek Tower promises panoramic city vistas.

360° Experience: Rotating balconies and the Pinnacle Room offer 360-degree views, inviting you to immerse in the mesmerizing cityscape.

Dubai Creek Tower’s rise heralds a new era of architectural greatness, inviting you to ascend to unprecedented heights and embrace the city’s magnificence from every angle.

2- Aladdin City Dubai

Aladdin city dubai – world trip deal

Legendary Vision: Aladdin City turns tales of Aladdin and Sinbad into reality. Envision three golden-lamp towers adorned with hotels and luxury apartments.

Moving Walkways: The connection between towers is made enchanting with air-conditioned walkways that elegantly move, creating a whimsical experience.

Arabian Nights Inspiration: Drawing from Arabian Nights, the magnificent Aladdin City weaves fantasy into architecture, encompassing 110,000 sqm of wonder.

Deira Creek Charm: Nestled near Deira Creek, this captivating realm takes you on a magical journey through time and stories.

Aladdin City is more than just architecture; it’s a living embodiment of legends, an architectural masterpiece beckoning you to step into the world of enchantment.

1- Dubai Islands

Dubai islands – world trip deal

Island Oasis: Dubai’s newest creation, the Dubai Islands, adds to its iconic artificial islands. Beyond Palm and World Map, this new marvel beckons.

Vibrant Souk: The centerpiece, Souk Al Marfa, echoes a modern take on traditional Arabic markets. Countless shops offer gold, handicrafts, and more.

Waterfront Charm: Stretching 1.9 km along the shore, Dubai Islands boast a picturesque waterfront for leisurely strolls and breathtaking views.

Accessible Magic: Whether by land or sea, access this enchanting realm easily, embracing Dubai’s innovative spirit.

With Dubai Islands, the city continues to redefine grandeur, weaving tradition and innovation into its architectural fabric. Dive into Souk Al Marfa’s treasures and embrace the allure of a vibrant waterfront escape.

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